Bling out your last years Sandals Tutorial!

I had been looking around for New Sandals and couldn't find what I wanted, so here's what I did, a neat, inexpensive way, to bling out old or new, plain Sandals. I used CRYSTAZZI flat back crystals, they are irridescent, click on the picture and you can see a close up.
but you could use really cheap rhinestones and get away with it. They cost about $3.99 at Michaels craft store. I also used Gel Nail Glue left over from putting fake nails on. This is probably @$2.00 at a drugstore, make sure it's the gel kind since this glue can run. A cuticle stick in case I needed to move a crystal over and I actually did use it.
My Sandals were patent leather look, but I'm sure you could use whatever you have.  
So the Crystals are stuck to sticky tape. Don't mind my manicure as you can see I need to put some fake nails on after this project, neglected those nails!
Flip them over and apply the Gel Glue directly to the back of 1 crystal at a time.
I applied them one by one, making sure I put one finger behind and one finger on top to apply even pressure. I would eye ball where you might have to put 2 then 3 in a row so that they don't hang off the edge. Or if your Sandals are even you don't have to worry about it. Use your best judgement.
Here are all the rows done. I used about 30 each shoe and had 2 leftover when I was all done. Here you can really see the irridescence in them.
Here are both of them done. Notice my toenails are painted! ; ) 
Well if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you have any comments, please let 'em rip!! Thanks for looking. 
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