Day 13 CHALLENGE Quotes on the Fridge

I have a couple of quotation magnets on my fridge that have great meaning and are very encouraging.
This one I had gotten for my husband when he graduated college last June. It says:

Then I got one for myself to remind me that it's okay to reach for your dreams everyday. It says:

Have a good night!

Day 12 CHALLENGE Get Ready, Get Set, Get Staging......

Since I am going to be staging my home soon I am preparing myself. I already have a Spreadsheet with each room listed. Under each list of rooms is what I need for each room for example: paint, curtains, new bed linens, towels. I also list what fixtures I will need and what the cost per store I go to. This took me about a days worth of thought, but now I don't have to think about it in my head it is on my computer. When you are constantly thinking of what else do I need, what organization and blah blah blah do I need to do there is so much with regular life that cramming in one more thing at least with me is overwhelming. So now its locked away and within reach when I need it all in a 7 page spreadsheet. I know, but I have alot of rooms to address. So in that spirit I watch Get It Sold on HGTV and Tivo it, so I can refer back to the show and I also browse sites that I can get ideas for decorating my home. Here is one that I have favorited and that I browse from time to time. I love clean minimalistic style but throw in comfy cozy and that's me. My personal style I think would be Spa meets Teddy Bear, ahhh! Here's the link
Going on the road in a couple of days and I will have to take my laptop with me to do projects on the road. So I need to have a plan, off to do some writing now. Til tomorrow! Oh and if you are not doing the Challenge you can start any time, just push yourself and you can do it. I am already on day 12, proud of myself. I am sticking with it, you can do it too.

Day 11 CHALLENGE Must be a Cakey Week!

Okay so tonight I was watching "Cupcake Wars" sort of like a top chef but with cupcakes and they dwindle down to one winner that has to build a massive structure that holds like 1000 cupcakes, this show is alot of fun. Makes me a little nervous at the end though when they are assembling their cupcakes for tasting. I also love to watch D.C. Cupcakes, they are sisters that went into business and have wanted to own their own bakery since they were little, they make tons of cupcakes a day and are very busy. Last but not least Cupcake Girls Two best friends who went into business together having no idea what they were doing. These ladies are definately a spicy pair of gals. They don't stop bickering, it's like they are married but not! A train wreck ensues almost every show, but you can't stop watching peeking through your fingers at what is going to happen next!! What I love most is they all try new and exciting flavors in their cupcakes, like pink lemonade and Caramel with Genache and oh also, lime margarita flavors to name a few. One woman in Cucake wars even tried tobacco in hers, which they tasted and said that it well, tasted like a cigarette. I could have told her that but I guess it's all about trying new things. I believe like with cupcake flavors you have to try new flavors out in life, stepping out of the zone of the same ol comfort flavor into a new vibrant flavor. Sometimes they can taste bad but you learn from those flavors and move onto new ones. I am making a list for cupcake recipe ingredients, for some new flavors I want to soon make. I encourage you to make some bold ones, or mini ones for that matter. Pick out ingredients that you like but step away from the same old boring chocolate with vanilla icing. You can do it, and have fun with it.  All about the Journey.

Day 10 CHALLENGE Mondays can be good and One word that describes you!!

I think that most people can't stand Mondays, because the weekend is over and we're starting out a new week and my perspective along time ago when I use to work as a Hairstylist, was I love Mondays.  Since I had every Monday off. So it was a day to take it easy and cook for my boyfriend (now hubby). I did have jobs prior to that and they were 9 to 5 which started on Monday, and that can be rough, so I can relate to both ways of thinking. I like good Mondays, just think you get to start the week anew, persay! So now that Monday is almost over here is something else to think about. In the spirit of Eat, Pray, Love a book I am 1/4 of the way through and now watching the movie. I wanted to ask you what one word best describes you, not what you do, but who you are. Self introspective, but I think it gets you thinking about the core of you. My one word that describes me, in every way, shape, and form is  "Creative". Born and bred. Go into your week figuring out what your one word is and by this weekend, live by it!! Then go have a bowl of Pasta and feel no guilt, lol!!

Day 9 CHALLENGE A Bieber~ized Birthday Cake

Well my little baby girl isn’t a baby any longer and so it is. Amazing how I look at my kids one day and they’re babies and the next their getting to be almost as tall as me, it goes sooo fast. So to make her birthday really special, I have baked her a really nice cake and made her a homemade card. But they are not just any old cake and card, they have a very special theme. Justin Bieber is the theme, I have to say I like his music just as much as she does. We went to see his 3D movie, “Never say Never” and I honestly have to say, he is such an inspiration. Not only to kids, but to grownups alike. The movie was a documentary basically of his life. Now, I went and took my son and my daughter, of course I had to go, I had to chaperone ya know? ; ) Well I could identify with his story so much (not the famous part, but alot of his struggles), and the way he grew up it amazed me how he turned out the way he did. Here is the trailer video for his movie, I loved it! I encourage you to go see it, it was neat to see in 3D!

Now onto the fun stuff, here is the cake I made for my new 8 year old:  It is a White box cake made purple, sprinkled inside with Wonka nerds and Purple Icing to top it off. All Justin Bieber style, of course. 2011-03-26 18.03.34
Here are the Ingredients: Classic White cake, Classic White Icing, 13x9 inch pan (I use glass, cooks more evenly I think), Canola oil, Red and Blue food coloring, and 3 egg whites.
 2011-03-26 18.06.03
Directions: I used the directions on the back of the box and put my spin on it, of course, gotta be original!! Add Food Coloring to the cake batter to make purple I added 22 drops each blue and red 2011-03-26 18.14.362011-03-26 18.18.522011-03-26 18.14.59
Mix with mixer until food coloring is Purple make sure to scrape sides. Now for the “Secret Ingredient” Wonka Nerds Talk about Suweeet!  2011-03-26 18.22.422011-03-26 18.19.40 Incorporate Nerd with a hand mixer then, add cake batter to baking dish that has been greased and lightly floured. Bake according to box depending on what baking pan you use. 2011-03-26 19.01.15   2011-03-26 19.01.24

Spoon out White Icing into a Sandwich bag about 3 tablespoons worth and set aside this will be for writing Happy Birthday on the cake. Use the rest of the icing for the cake. Add 4 drops each of Blue and Red food coloring to the rest of the icing in the container. Stir completely I used a knife to get down into the bottom for mixing. 
2011-03-26 19.07.28
2011-03-26 19.11.29
2011-03-26 19.08.49

Let cake cool completely so that you can spread the icing smoothly. Write lettering and sing Happy Birthday!2011-03-26 20.18.312011-03-26 20.19.17  2011-03-26 20.36.11
As you can see it turned out Purple inside, the Nerds made it soo sweet, it was like a surprise in your mouth. Yummy!
I made her a card in Photoshop Elements and put his picture on the front and faded it, cut her out and pasted her to it then wrote happy birthday on the front. Inside I put his song, “Born to be somebody” on the left and on the right I wrote a Paragraph containing his song titles in the greeting, It turned out really neat. For privacy reasons I am not posting it, but it turned out really cool and it will be something she’ll treasure forever! Hope you enjoy your cake, have a piece, it’s Delish!!

Day 8 CHALLENGE A love of food and a love for children!

Today my post is about a need that is being met. What is that you say, well apparently there are children that go hungry or don't get a meal unless they are served a school lunch and it happens here in America. This is so sad to me that when I saw the story I am about to link you to I had some tears welling up, in a happy way. I saw this on CNN. The chef's name is Bruno Serato and well, he saw a need and filled it. To me he is an inspiration amongst one of the many angels on earth and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to blog about it. I hope that you find his story as heartwarming as I do, here's the link...

Thanks for taking a look and are you CHALLENGING yourself today, play along by posting one post per day for a month, to whomever is, great job!!

Day 7 CHALLENGE One week down and I am thankful!

Hey Everybody!! Christina here,
As you know I have been posting everyday and today marks officially one week since I started my CHALLENGE. The CHALLENGE is to post everyday for one month, to see what happens. I also CHALLENGE YOU as well. And so far it has enriched my life greatly. I have met so many wonderful people on here and in blogfrog world that I am in awe. I am so appreciative of everyone who has come and read my blog, especially my Avid Followers. You can find them on my Home page under Following me?. I would love for you to visit their blogs too, just click on the tiny pics of them, as I believe in paying it forward. I am having so much fun posting. It is a great outlet for sharing my creative side! I also have a BlogFrog Community which is on the side bar as you scroll down my blogs home page. If you have your own blog and haven't joined blogfrog yet, I urge you to. It is a positive atmosphere for bloggers to interact and get to know one another. Here is My BlogFrog Community, if you would like to join you have to first join blog frog here Take a look and send some comments my way and don't forget to pay it forward yourself. Thanks!!

I am working on some new content for the upcoming weeks and can't wait to dig in. Be on the lookout for my next posts, I have a special one for my daughters birthday, so take care and I'll see you in my community!!

Day 6 CHALLENGE Hanging Magnetic Makeup Trays

Now believe it or not I have been saving my old cookie sheets (rusty as they are) to do something with them. Well I was thinking of painting them and putting magnetic ABC's on them but my kids probably aren't going to use them as my little guy is almost 6 and knows his ABC's so I came across a blog that had makeup trays made with a frame and metal sheeting, well I thought why not skip a couple of steps use ribbon and aluminum cookie sheets and make my daughter and I makeup trays. I thought when I saw the example it was a genius idea so I wanted to put my original spin on it as usual!

Here's what you'll need:
>Cookie sheets (metal) make sure they are free from debris
>Glue gun
>Glue sticks
>Ribbon, I had black elastic frilly trim (the elastic tends to hide the hot glue, you may want to test on your ribbon whether the glue will show through or not) but you could use whatever you want, usually they have trims in the sewing dept. of a craft store
>Paint, this can be any kind/type I am using Black (used this in the accessory holder a couple of Challenges ago) because it matches the decor I am going to use in my daughters room.
 >Magnets, these should be a decent size so they can hold the makeup onto the tray.
>Makeup you want to display on tray

Again make sure cookie sheets are free of debris
Spray paint cookie sheets on front, let dry and do under sides and also let dry
While paint is drying hot glue magnets to back of each makeup piece you have
After the paint is completely dry Hot glue the trim/ribbon all the way around the frame, being careful at the corners.
Attach makeup to the trays and your done.
Attaching to the wall you make a hole with a hammer and hit a nail through it with a piece of wood under it, then use a screw to screw directly into wall to make it hang on the wall or you could sit it on a makeup vanity or desk, it's up to you!!

Hope you have fun trying this out. It was Easy and Fun! I thought they turned out really cute and was so impressed when I was done.

Day 5 CHALLENGE One of My Inspirational Resources

Another magazine that I love. Although these are copies from 2009-2010 I reference them often and especially now, since I've been blogging up a storm. This magazine gives much insight on creative bloggers and how they started, they discuss the ins and outs of daily blogging. I love that I can read about the magic, persay, of how alot of bloggers once started out very humbly and have been blessed with great opportunities. Since starting, many have developed great communities. Their blog may have helped them through a crisis and some fell upon a business just naturally. There are beautiful photos shown and they even show a blog entry for most of them. I usually buy my copy (need to get the latest) at Joann's. They may sell it at Michaels's, A.C. Moore's or Hobby Lobby. It is so worth the investment. Go take a look.

I have one of my very first followers joining in the "Monthly CHALLENGE". I look forward to hearing everyone's success in posting to their blog once a day for a month. Go take a look at her blog, she is published in Studios magazine. Thanks for visiting Amy and the rest of my followers. ; )

Day 4 CHALLENGE Your Own Dream Journal

Being a severely creative person, I have many ideas/goals/dreams/aspirations floating around in my head, which can become mental clutter. But when I write them down I feel as if a weight is off my mind. So I need not only a creative outlet, but a place to put the many blurbs I think of. If I could I would put them all into a blog, but some things are just for me. I tend to have such random ideas and they may come in the form of a dream I've had or an inspiration from looking at something or someone and on and on. I am a mom first and foremost and sometimes that leaves me little time for me to just space out and gather my thoughts so my dream journal helps me. Usually late at night, right before bed I'll jot down whatever is going on in my mind. I bought my journal at Walmart for around $10 they have pretty ones also at Borders and at Barnes and Noble (two of my favorite stores, I love books).

I wanted to write down positive thoughts about myself, what I like, Positive Affirmations, believing in myself, what I want to do with my life and what the core of me really is. Sort of an exploration to figure out "me". I have found that through the process of dream journaling what defines me is "creativity", and everyday I practice it, whether in thought or in daily things I do around my home, with my family and around my community. Forget about the box, I am an out of the window thinker. And whoever said that quote Jack of all trades master of none was not creative in the least. I believe if you want to do many different things than there is a way, no limits. My blog is an extention of that. I want to encourage all of you, to spend some money on a journal, spend some quiet time in thought, and spend some writing time figuring out what defines you. It may just be that you will learn a few things about yourself in the process and get excited about what lies ahead in something fun that is just yours. Write down anything that
comes to mind, hey even doodle on the pages or draw pictures of your ideas, quotes are also fun
and so on. It can be so freeing to read what you've written. i dare ya!! Have Fun.

Day 3 CHALLENGE Lavender & Lemon Sea Salt Scrub for Hands and Nails

Being the bath/body product lover that I am. I have supplies to make my own goodies for 1/3 of the cost. I was a Practicing Licensed Cosmetologist, for 10 years (glorified term for hairdresser) and although I earned the long title, I only do this on the side now with family and friends. Will I ever go back, well, you never do know. Here is my version of a Lavender & Lemon scented Sea Salt Scrub for Hands and Nails. Supplies: Sea Salt- @Grocery Store, Extra Virgin Olive Oil- @Grocery Store, Sweet Almond Oil-@, Lavender Lemon Fragrance Oil-@ and container to hold product-@ Grocery Store. I used a Glad mini bowl with lid.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy oil because of its monounsaturated Omega 9 properties and Polyphenol content, which is a wonderful antioxidant helping to fight against skin disease, firming up the skin, and also beautifying it.
Sweet Almond Oil helps to condition the skin to a natural glow. It has a high concentration of oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids, providing instant relief of muscle pain.
Sea Salt can help with tightening, deeper cleansing, and smoothing of the skin, because the granuals of salt help slough off the the dead skin cells in exfoliation.
Fragrance: Lavender Lemon, for smelling fresh and wonderful.
Add Salt to 2/3 Full in container

then add half Sweet Almond Oil 1/3

Add half EVOO 1/3, making 2/3 Oil total
Add Lavender & Lemon Fragrance Oil


Mix well again and apply to hand

Make sure hands are cleaned and free of any cuts, (salt in a wound, well, burns), now you scoop a teaspoon of Salt Scrub onto hands rub for about 30 seconds into hands, around cuticles and on callouses. Turn on water to warm temp and rinse until salt is off, but leave
some oil on, dab hands off with towel. Rub rest of oil into hands, may be a little greasy at first but the hands will absorb throughout the day. Smell them, ahhh! Feels good, huh?! Now if you want to, you could turn it into a mini manicure. Have fun and go pamper your hands

There are some bloggers who have accepted the CHALLENGE to do just one post a day for one month along with me. Who knows maybe I'll have a freebie giveaway to see who has followed through at the end. April 19th official end date.
1. Heather her Blog is
2. Patrish her Blog is
Go check out their Blogs, thanks ladies for following along, Great Job posting!! If you would like to join the challenge just comment on this post and let me know you accept the Challenge and I'll visit your blog. Thanks!

Day 2 of CHALLENGE A Supermoon in my backyard

Since there was a "Supermoon" last night, I could not pass up the opportunity to take pictures of it. It was peeking through the trees in the forest called our backyard. It seemed to be a little orangey when it came up then turn into a moon you'd imagine if you were reading a storybook. There was alot of fog in the air so it became a mysterious moon. I wondered what the big deal was so I decided to research what exactly a Supermoon is. Well here's what I came up with. We all know the Moon orbits the Earth, but apparently the orbit is elliptical rather than round. When the Moon is closest it is called a 'lunar perigee' and called a supermoon. A supermoon along with the sun, just like any other time, can effect low and high tides. The tides being a little stronger in supermoon mode. The moons visibility is at its greatest during a supermoon and the last time it showed itself off was 18 years ago. Did you peek your head out the window or door to see it? Here are some pictures of it, Enjoy! Ciao'

Day 1 of CHALLENGE Decorative Floating Initial Hair Accessory Holder

My daughters 8th Birthday is coming up and I thought I would make something for her room. We are going to redecorate it in blacks, browns, and beiges. Neutral colors are best, because we will be staging our home soon for moving. To start off with here are the supplies,
1. 2 8x10 in Plain wood picture frames from the dollar store, will be using 1 of the frames and both pieces of glass.
2. Tacky glue (was out of hot glue)
3. A wood initial, I chose an A.
4. Fancy scrapbooking paperclamps.
5. Black, ivory, and clear matte finish Krylon spray paint.
6. 4 screw hooks
7. Scrapbook paper, fancy glittery and textured
8. Various Beads
9. Various ribbons
10. Various stencil shapes
11. Scrapbook mounting squares
Now let's get started
First make sure all glass is cleaned and fingerprint free. Next cut scrapbook paper into 6x4 rectangle. Add scrapbook mounting squares to the back, each corner and 2 in between each corner and 2 in the middle. Peel off squares and center onto one of the pieces of glass. Shown here:

Add glue to each corner, I would have added hot glue, (the best for this project in my opinion) but I was out so I used Aleene's Tacky glue. Sandwich 2nd piece of glass over top making sure all corners are even. I then used the paperclamps to squeeze the glass together for drying. Shown here:

 Now, I added the Screw hooks before I took it outside to Spray paint. I needed to use a hammer to gently get the screw started, then twisted them into place. I used 4 and eyeballed the placement.
I also added the paperclamps I used earlier for the
glass and glued them to the frame.

I then painted 3 coats of black satin Krylon to the frame and the initial, then I used the stencils as a negative and laid them down randomly on the black frame, sprayed a little bit and it gave a unique effect.
I sprayed the frame with a final coat of Clear Matte Krylon.

I added the glass to the picture frame, since it does not have a back to it, I had to carefully fold over the staples on the back, but not all the way so I wouldn't break the glass. I added the various beads to the corners. I also tied bows interlocking all the ribbons together. Glued that to the glass in the corner of the 6x4 paper and glued the A right next to it.
Shown here:
Here is the final product, you could then add a picture hanger to the back to hang on the wall.

Up for a Challenge?!!!!!!!!!!

So I am going to openly express that I am up for a challenge right about now and the challenge is for me, to post everyday for one month and see what happens. Starting tomorrow! I have posted today so I could consider today part of the challenge I guess. Is anyone else with me? The only way to get out of a rut is to basically go through it, right? Let me know if your up for the challenge and I'll put your blog link in my actual post. I never back away from a challenge, do you? Peace~Out

Do one thing everyday for the sake of Blog. Like

So I have vowed to do one thing per day for Creative Tizzy. I haven't been on for a while, out of sheer neglect. I now, just need to really reflect and take time out for my blog. Whether that is research, posting, community etc.. those can help in the motivation department. So I am baaaackkkk, in case you missed me. I have opened up my own Community on BlogFrog and I hope to challenge myself to get and stay creative for the sake of keeping this blog alive. A few kind hearted comments would help also to motivate me. Glad you visited. Look for more to come.
An Deireadh
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