Day 6 CHALLENGE Hanging Magnetic Makeup Trays

Now believe it or not I have been saving my old cookie sheets (rusty as they are) to do something with them. Well I was thinking of painting them and putting magnetic ABC's on them but my kids probably aren't going to use them as my little guy is almost 6 and knows his ABC's so I came across a blog that had makeup trays made with a frame and metal sheeting, well I thought why not skip a couple of steps use ribbon and aluminum cookie sheets and make my daughter and I makeup trays. I thought when I saw the example it was a genius idea so I wanted to put my original spin on it as usual!

Here's what you'll need:
>Cookie sheets (metal) make sure they are free from debris
>Glue gun
>Glue sticks
>Ribbon, I had black elastic frilly trim (the elastic tends to hide the hot glue, you may want to test on your ribbon whether the glue will show through or not) but you could use whatever you want, usually they have trims in the sewing dept. of a craft store
>Paint, this can be any kind/type I am using Black (used this in the accessory holder a couple of Challenges ago) because it matches the decor I am going to use in my daughters room.
 >Magnets, these should be a decent size so they can hold the makeup onto the tray.
>Makeup you want to display on tray

Again make sure cookie sheets are free of debris
Spray paint cookie sheets on front, let dry and do under sides and also let dry
While paint is drying hot glue magnets to back of each makeup piece you have
After the paint is completely dry Hot glue the trim/ribbon all the way around the frame, being careful at the corners.
Attach makeup to the trays and your done.
Attaching to the wall you make a hole with a hammer and hit a nail through it with a piece of wood under it, then use a screw to screw directly into wall to make it hang on the wall or you could sit it on a makeup vanity or desk, it's up to you!!

Hope you have fun trying this out. It was Easy and Fun! I thought they turned out really cute and was so impressed when I was done.

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