Freebie Desktop Organizer For your Apps in the New Year

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Hope you all had a Wonderful Holiday and you look forward to the New Year. With that said, I am giving you a Freebie Desktop Organizer for your Apps (used to be Icons, but I’m aging myself here) to get back on track with Organizing your chaos at home like me. Now I did gear this towards Mom Bloggers and Scrapbooking, since it applies to me, but I can’t be the only Mom Blogger that uses these categories! I’ve provided 3 sizes for your convenience.

Here are the Directions:

  1. This is connected to a file in my google drive Folder Creative Tizzy Freebies
  2. You can click on the link and download it to your hard drive or you can right click and save to Background and thats it!!

Now, I have tried them with tablets and phones, and I need to adjust for both! That will be my next post. Enjoy and leave me some comment love.  If you would like I can take Custom requests for my next Freebie Organizer. Let me know if you would like different Titles and I can rearrange boxes and such. I had alot of fun making this. Mine looks awesome, all nice and neatly organized, MY WAY!! Have fun and let me know how it went.


Creative-Tizzy-DTOrganizer Freebie-1-1920X1080





Come back soon and look for my next Freebie!

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