Day 9 CHALLENGE A Bieber~ized Birthday Cake

Well my little baby girl isn’t a baby any longer and so it is. Amazing how I look at my kids one day and they’re babies and the next their getting to be almost as tall as me, it goes sooo fast. So to make her birthday really special, I have baked her a really nice cake and made her a homemade card. But they are not just any old cake and card, they have a very special theme. Justin Bieber is the theme, I have to say I like his music just as much as she does. We went to see his 3D movie, “Never say Never” and I honestly have to say, he is such an inspiration. Not only to kids, but to grownups alike. The movie was a documentary basically of his life. Now, I went and took my son and my daughter, of course I had to go, I had to chaperone ya know? ; ) Well I could identify with his story so much (not the famous part, but alot of his struggles), and the way he grew up it amazed me how he turned out the way he did. Here is the trailer video for his movie, I loved it! I encourage you to go see it, it was neat to see in 3D!

Now onto the fun stuff, here is the cake I made for my new 8 year old:  It is a White box cake made purple, sprinkled inside with Wonka nerds and Purple Icing to top it off. All Justin Bieber style, of course. 2011-03-26 18.03.34
Here are the Ingredients: Classic White cake, Classic White Icing, 13x9 inch pan (I use glass, cooks more evenly I think), Canola oil, Red and Blue food coloring, and 3 egg whites.
 2011-03-26 18.06.03
Directions: I used the directions on the back of the box and put my spin on it, of course, gotta be original!! Add Food Coloring to the cake batter to make purple I added 22 drops each blue and red 2011-03-26 18.14.362011-03-26 18.18.522011-03-26 18.14.59
Mix with mixer until food coloring is Purple make sure to scrape sides. Now for the “Secret Ingredient” Wonka Nerds Talk about Suweeet!  2011-03-26 18.22.422011-03-26 18.19.40 Incorporate Nerd with a hand mixer then, add cake batter to baking dish that has been greased and lightly floured. Bake according to box depending on what baking pan you use. 2011-03-26 19.01.15   2011-03-26 19.01.24

Spoon out White Icing into a Sandwich bag about 3 tablespoons worth and set aside this will be for writing Happy Birthday on the cake. Use the rest of the icing for the cake. Add 4 drops each of Blue and Red food coloring to the rest of the icing in the container. Stir completely I used a knife to get down into the bottom for mixing. 
2011-03-26 19.07.28
2011-03-26 19.11.29
2011-03-26 19.08.49

Let cake cool completely so that you can spread the icing smoothly. Write lettering and sing Happy Birthday!2011-03-26 20.18.312011-03-26 20.19.17  2011-03-26 20.36.11
As you can see it turned out Purple inside, the Nerds made it soo sweet, it was like a surprise in your mouth. Yummy!
I made her a card in Photoshop Elements and put his picture on the front and faded it, cut her out and pasted her to it then wrote happy birthday on the front. Inside I put his song, “Born to be somebody” on the left and on the right I wrote a Paragraph containing his song titles in the greeting, It turned out really neat. For privacy reasons I am not posting it, but it turned out really cool and it will be something she’ll treasure forever! Hope you enjoy your cake, have a piece, it’s Delish!!
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