Day 16 CHALLENGE Chris’s Hot Buffalo Shrimp Recipe

This is one of my favorite recipes to date. I love spicy and hot foods and this is one of them. Here are the ingredients and supplies~
  1. Shrimp /Extra Large 31-40 Count
  2. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (original)
  3. 3 tblsp. Oil (your choice, I used Canola)
  4. 2 tblsp. margarine or butter
  5. Celery and Blue cheese dressing if you want
  6. Strainer/ Bowl
Since the shrimp are frozen I let them sit in a strainer over a bowl submersed in hot water as hot as you can get it. I will change the water once during thaw and thaw for around 5 minutes. Otherwise you can pre-thaw them and before putting into pan make sure they are drained. There will be excess water that will need to evaporate off during cooking.
Next add oil to pan at medium-high heat, add shrimp when oil is heated. Then add your butter, turn up the heat to high and evaporate the rest of the water out and cook in the butter till saucy looking.
SAM_0156 SAM_0161
Turn down heat to medium-high again then add your Frank’s Red Hot sauce. Let this reduce down to thicken the sauce and get a little thick and slightly crispy.
Stirring after a couple of minutes still reducing down till the sauce gets semi-translucent. Add to bowl and use your fingers because they are Hot and Fingering licking good!! My husband and I had these for lunch today, you may need tissues because they get your sinuses working! Enjoy~
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