Hey, how are you and thanks for stopping by,  
So You would like to know more About Me! Well lets see, I am currently a stay at home Mom to 4 Beautiful kids. Their ages range from 17 on down to age 8. One of those is a girl. I am a loving wife of 16 years. 

My Cutie pies when they were little
Hubby and I Married 16 Years

I am Philly raised, that just means that I know where to get a great Authentic Cheesesteak anywhere in Southeastern, PA. I was a hairdresser once upon a time, still currently licensed though, gotta get my Pro product, ya know!! I love to cook. I especially love to bake things for my kids. I can't help but make recipes my own, its exciting!

I thrive on being Creative and enjoy when I make the time to get a project done.  I once weighed 52 lbs. heavier than I do today, going from 183 lbs. to 131 lbs. and I lost the weight in 11 months by eating gluten-free. Learn about my weight loss journey and what I did right here Skinny@glutenfree. Last years Theme for my life was weight loss, this years theme is YOLO(you only live once), so I'm going to step out of my Ever Lovin' comfort zone. 
Miserable at 183 lbs.
Happy at 131 lbs. I feel GREAT!!!

About My Blog:
I started Creative Tizzy on a whim, when I was living in Indiana for 4 years. About 6 months into being there, after severe homesickness for several months, I prayed that I would find something to give me a purpose for that Season in my life. Not only did I build my blog, but I also became a Daisy Scout Leader and helped at the concession stand for UPward sports. I had alot to keep me busy and creative, besides running my kids all over the place! So be careful what you pray for, cause you just might get it!!! ; ) 

Park near Ft. Wayne Zoo
I have since moved back to Berks County, Pa and have been here going on almost 3 years now. Love me some rolling hills and car sickness, lol. I have been up to a-lot lately around the blog. If you are not familiar with what my blog is about. I try to be Inspiring, Motivating and Encouraging in the Chaos of everyday life. Meaning Life can get very chaotic and finding the time, the budget and ideas can be difficult, so I try to have a variety of things to get you started. 
The View near my house
Chaos surrounds me, with all of the housework and laundry and experience I have being a stay at home mom to 4 kids. I have learned so much about saving time, money and using minimal supplies that I love to share what I know. I recently have been updating the look of Creative Tizzy and adding more great content, so keep coming back to visit and see what I've added. 

I love Social Media. Reading tweets keeps me up to date. I love getting on Pinterest (for hours sometimes), I know you can relate!! Google + has been fun to learn, and my posts get lost on Facebook, so I really don't post there much!! I also love Youtube as my go-to for learning new things, especially makeup and hair related. I am working on posting more photos on Instagram. Make sure you come and visit me, you'll find those links on my home page. 

I thought it would be fun to share with you a bunch of fun facts about me:
  • I once wore braces.
  • My lucky number is 9
  • MASH was my favorite note game to play with my gal pals in Jr. High.
  • I eat Gluten Free by choice, I don't have Celiac disease, but am gluten-sensitive.
  • I had worked for 10 years in the field of hairdressing.
  • I lived in West Chester, PA-right down the street from QVC and WC University. This is Bam Margeras stomping grounds.
  • I had a story of mine published in my high schools magazine.
  • I had two of my photos published in photography books.
  • I currently have 4 cats (2 are kittens) and a Beagle dog.
  • I love to shop at Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, and Charming Charlie
  • My favorite fruits are Raspberries, Avocados, and Corn (Yes Avocados and Corn are Technically FRUIT, according to the Mayo-Clinic) 
  • I only like Mustard on Pretzels and Hot-dogs.
  • I am a night person, have been and always will be.
  • I am a PIXAR nerd, and I love cartoon movies and will frequent the movie theater when one is playing.
  • I hate doing the dishes and cleaning, so I do them FAST, because chores are mind numbingly boring!!!
  • I have a sarcastic sense of humor.
  • I am a Flower Child at heart.
  • I love animals and hate to see when someone has abused them via facebook or the news, breaks my heart.
  • I was a tomboy growing up, I loved watching BJ and the Bear and asked for tonka trucks for Christmas. I later married a trucker turned Director of various trucking companies, funny how life works out!!
  • I am a professed techie geek. I love technology and have since my first Commodore 64, if you remember this dinosaur, you had a great childhood. ; )
  • I love Purple, Pink, and Raspberry colors.
  • When I first started digital scrapbooking in 1997, I went to conventional scrapbooking, then sold most of my supplies and opted for PS Elements, thankfully.
  • I always knew I would have a house, 2 cars, 2-3 kids (I nailed that one with 4), a couple of cats and became a hairdresser. 
  • I like to listen to classical music sometimes, when my kids aren't in the car and club music when they are. We dance in our seats.
  • I never thought that I would be a sole stay at home Mom and here I am after 12 years of being one, I learned to absolutely love it.
  • I was an only child growing up.
  • To fight off boredom when I was young, I would completely reorganize my room, moving the bed, dresser and desk all by myself. Can you say OCD.

Well enough about me, drop me a comment and tell me about you!

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