Day 3 CHALLENGE Lavender & Lemon Sea Salt Scrub for Hands and Nails

Being the bath/body product lover that I am. I have supplies to make my own goodies for 1/3 of the cost. I was a Practicing Licensed Cosmetologist, for 10 years (glorified term for hairdresser) and although I earned the long title, I only do this on the side now with family and friends. Will I ever go back, well, you never do know. Here is my version of a Lavender & Lemon scented Sea Salt Scrub for Hands and Nails. Supplies: Sea Salt- @Grocery Store, Extra Virgin Olive Oil- @Grocery Store, Sweet Almond Oil-@, Lavender Lemon Fragrance Oil-@ and container to hold product-@ Grocery Store. I used a Glad mini bowl with lid.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy oil because of its monounsaturated Omega 9 properties and Polyphenol content, which is a wonderful antioxidant helping to fight against skin disease, firming up the skin, and also beautifying it.
Sweet Almond Oil helps to condition the skin to a natural glow. It has a high concentration of oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids, providing instant relief of muscle pain.
Sea Salt can help with tightening, deeper cleansing, and smoothing of the skin, because the granuals of salt help slough off the the dead skin cells in exfoliation.
Fragrance: Lavender Lemon, for smelling fresh and wonderful.
Add Salt to 2/3 Full in container

then add half Sweet Almond Oil 1/3

Add half EVOO 1/3, making 2/3 Oil total
Add Lavender & Lemon Fragrance Oil


Mix well again and apply to hand

Make sure hands are cleaned and free of any cuts, (salt in a wound, well, burns), now you scoop a teaspoon of Salt Scrub onto hands rub for about 30 seconds into hands, around cuticles and on callouses. Turn on water to warm temp and rinse until salt is off, but leave
some oil on, dab hands off with towel. Rub rest of oil into hands, may be a little greasy at first but the hands will absorb throughout the day. Smell them, ahhh! Feels good, huh?! Now if you want to, you could turn it into a mini manicure. Have fun and go pamper your hands

There are some bloggers who have accepted the CHALLENGE to do just one post a day for one month along with me. Who knows maybe I'll have a freebie giveaway to see who has followed through at the end. April 19th official end date.
1. Heather her Blog is
2. Patrish her Blog is
Go check out their Blogs, thanks ladies for following along, Great Job posting!! If you would like to join the challenge just comment on this post and let me know you accept the Challenge and I'll visit your blog. Thanks!
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