Lemony Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwich

So I love Avocado and try to put into everything, even my Oatmeal, just kidding! Anyways, this could be a lower calorie sandwich if you substituted the white Italian bread with Multigrain or Potato bread and using vinegar and olive oil dressing with herbs mixed in. I chose the fattening route, hey once in a while its ok. All in moderation.SAM_0829

You start out cutting up the lemon, SAM_0835

Add your whole can of tuna to a bowl and break it up, squeeze lemon onto tuna, mix in.SAM_0837

Now add 1/2 an avocado after you‘ve cut it up. I will be posting a short tutorial on an easy way to cut up an avocado without wasting any of the meat inside, following this post.SAM_0854 

Cut up your celery (for crunchiness) and add to the mix.SAM_0840

Add 2 tablespoons of mayo and stir.SAM_0843

I added salt at the end, but you could omit it. There are different variations you could do, so knock yourself out. It was a yummy sandwich. ~ChristinaSAM_0858

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