Day 20 CHALLENGE Chris’s Easy Pasta Salad with Bacon Pieces

  1. Garden Rotini 1 Box
  2. Mediterranean Italian Dressing (I usually use a dressing of Olive Oil Salt Pepper Oregano) has lemon and feta cheese. 1/2 bottle.
  3. Medium Pitted Olives 3/4 of can/ olives cut in half. The rest you eat!!
  4. Real Bacon Pieces whole pouch
  5. 1 Cucumber peeled and cut into bite sized chunks
  6. 9 Cherry tomatoes okay I snacked on some, but I left enough for my Pasta Salad, cut those in half.
  7. 1 Pepper cut up into bite sized pieces
  1. Boil Pasta
  2. While Pasta is boiling cut up your veggies and put into big dish SAM_0192and add bacon pieces. Mix with a spoon.
  3. Add in your dressing, like I said this can be olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano. Or use what I did (something new and to liven it up). Mediterranean Italian dressing adds lemon and feta with vinegar. So depending on what you like go for but I tend to like my olive oil dressing.  SAM_0198
  4. Put in fridge and let marinate.
  5. Next strain your pasta and run cold water over it in the sink until it is cold. Being careful while folding it over in the strainer as you cool it. This is so you can eat it right away.SAM_0200
  6. Add  Pasta to your bowl of marinated veggies and bacon and stir. Refrigerate after sampling the goods! Enjoy, I did, it was yummy!! I invite your comments, let me know what you think!!SAM_0202

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