Day 15 of CHALLENGE Campfire (Smore’s) Rice Krispie Treats

I have gotten so many views for my Reese’s Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats Dupe so I thought I would post my own Recipe. It is a Campfire (Smore’s) version of Rice Krispie Treats and boy are they gooood! Here’s what ingredients and supplies I used~
  1. Rice Krispies 5 cups (I got the big Family size so I only used half of the box)
  2. Jet-Puffed Marshmallows /1 bag
  3. Nestle’ Toll House Chocolate Chunks /1 small bag (I wanted the semi-melted texture)
  4. Honey Grahams (I got Walmarts brand, this is your choice) I used enough for 1 1/4 cups crushed grahams
  5. 3 Tblsp. Butter or Margarine. I used Blue Bonnet
  6. One Gallon sized baggie
  7. A measuring cup and a spoon

Open a package of graham crackers and break them in half. Add them to a gallon sized baggie. Now seal the bag and use the back of a spoon to break grahams into 1/4-1/2 inch pieces, there will be crumbs at the bottom of the bag.

Next melt 3 Tblsp. Margarine in pan over medium-low heat.  SAM_0096

Next Add your Marshmallows and melt away. Mix well sides and bottom so burning does not occur. This is probably my most favorite part, love fluff!!
SAM_0092 SAM_0099 SAM_0104

Now add your Rice Krispies 5 cupsSAM_0085 SAM_0107 Keep on low heat, Mix well.

Next you add your graham cracker pieces, try to pick the pieces out of the bag and leave the crumbs in the bag.
SAM_0093 SAM_0110

Turn off the heat, now you can add your Chocolate Chunks, mix just until incorporated. My second most favorite part, CHOCOLATE, yummy!!

Next, quickly add your Smore’s Rice Krispie Treats mixture to a baking dish/ pan and smooth till even.
Okay, so right about now I am not willing to give these bad boys away, but I guess I have to share. Reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon, down down down it’s mine mine mine. Funny. Here is the end result~ In the words of Rachel Ray ~Delish

The family’s tasting results are in, a resounding Yummmm, please make more, awesome, mmm, seconds please. You have got to make these Campfire Rice Krispie Treats, a different take on the same ole smore’s, so good!!!
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