Easy DIY Magnets

Here's an easy project you can do. Make your own magnets. Here are the supplies you need. Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Small-Medium sized magnets, and Decor Stones. 

All of these items can be found in your local craft store. I go to MichaelsJoanns and Hobby Lobby (this place is great for decor items).
You can use various items that match the decor in your home or make a theme around your kids, pets etc... I found seashells, sea-glass, decor jewels and pebbles, mini-clothespins, buttons (you would have to pry off the shank on the back of the button with a pair of pliers for it to be flat), you get the idea!
So here's what I did. I heated up my glue gun made sure it was loaded with glue stick (yes, this is important ; )
Next I picked out my decor stones I wanted to use. Since I bought small magnets I used 2 to glue on the back of the bigger stones and 1 on the smaller stones. Squeeze the glue onto the magnets and working fast, attach to back of stone/s. Let cool completely. Slough off any webbing that occured from the glue, that part is always so fun, sort of like getting static out of your pants, it takes time. 
Here's what one looks like finished. See what I mean about the web it creates.
Here's multiple ones I did and stuck on the fridge.
Now go have some fun. Any questions or comments please don't hesitate to leave 'em. 
au revoir

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