New Inspiration, Creative Touches, and A Surprising Mother's Day!

I wanted to give you some inspiration for today in the spirit of Mother's Day here's something to dwell on:
A creative woman is a selfish woman.
And a selfish woman is a dangerous woman because she is willing and able to feel her own feelings. To own what it is that she wants . And she is willing to try and get it.
A creative woman is an empowered woman. She is able to set boundaries and say NO to what she doesn't want. And a big fat YES to what feeds her and pleases her and nurtures her.
A creative woman, a selfish woman, an empowered woman cannot be controlled. She is the queen of her own life, her own time, her own body.
A creative woman is a passionate woman. She is on fire with being alive. She is hungry for color and adventure and boldness and being swept away by the energy of her creative desires.
A creative woman is an honest woman. She knows how to see clearly, to tell the truth and to no longer lie to herself about what she needs and what truly works for her to be happy.
A creative woman knows how to shine with her own life, to be big and take up space in the world. To be seen and heard and visible.
A creative woman, a selfish woman, a woman full of her self, paradoxically is actually capable of tremendous generosity because she has a lot to give. She is full of energy and is overflowing with her many creative gifts because she is tapped into her own creative source.
But she gives only when she chooses to do so. A dangerous, creative, empowered, selfish woman understands that she can only do so much. And is not willing to damage her own body and psyche and heart by giving more than is good for HER.
written by chris zydel of creative juice arts via dirty footprints studio who said it best...
This is through my new friend Amy at:
I hope that this gives you some insight on yourself and what you are capable of!! 
Here's what I recieved as my Mother's Day gift: (besides going to see Iron Man 2 and eating at Red Lobster, (my one and only cheat meal for the week, deservedly so))
 Can you say Suweeet! This is my new toy. I am a gadget fiend here's my other toys. Everything is touchy!:
My HP TouchSmart, My Verizon Vogu100 htc (competitor to Iphone), and my new IPod Touch, love them all. 
Talk about being Creative, I can use Photoshop Elements 8 on my laptop to design scrapbook pages and edit photos. Being able to touch the screen makes games so much easier and doodling fun!! Use my Ipod touch and Vogu100 for creative scheduling and filing. Ahh to be loved! ~Fin
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