Day 30 CHALLENGE My final day for my month long posting Challenge is over! I DID IT!!! Here's what I learned...

To begin with I wanted to just thank all of you for following along as I went through my daily post challenges. The challenge was to just post everyday for 1 month and see what happens. I didn't plan this, I just posted it one day and that was it, I had to do it. I kept myself accountable everyday. I did take off for vacation though, and because of that I started right back up as if I never stopped. I only missed one day due to the chaos of my household.

 Here are the things that I learned along the way.   I honestly didn't know where this would take me, but since I started this is what happened.
  1. Sometimes the road veers off a little bit, but you get it straightened out eventually.
  2. When you set a goal, you keep at it till you get there.
  3. When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish the things you want and Great things come from that.
  4. I went from only 5 followers (thanks so much for hanging in there, by the way) to 43 followers. That is what really impressed me.
  5. Being diligent pays off, because I have my readers that come and visit me everyday, you know who you are. ; )
  6. I can't back down from a CHALLENGE no matter what.
  7. I surprised myself with what I could accomplish and when I look back over the month, I have a ton of posts that I can lookover for inspiration later on.
  8. I learned to find my Blog Voice, am still tweeking it, but I am loosening up a bit with my writing, letting the personality out more and more.
  9. I have a Facebook Fan Page and I am on Twitter. This is just for my blog too. You can click to the right and there is a like box. My Twitter name is @creativetizzy
  10. People who visit me seem to love my recipes and my tips.
  11. I took my blog design to a whole new level with pics I had from posting, to make my banner. I love it.
  12. I am learning how to manage my time, when it comes to preparing and scheduling my posts.
  13. The ideas, I just let them come. Somedays I was prepared far in advance. Some came to me just hours before. I let the creative process happen organically, if you will. Although I put pressure on myself to post I laid off the pressure to be creative and let it just flow out. And it did, each and every time.
  14. What I love the most is that so many people from all over the world have visited me and I am blown away by how far they are.
  15. I have learned all kinds of skills to get my blog out there. Blog marketing, posting on anothers blog, my signature, by following others blogs & my favorite, and tweeting and facebooking.
  16. I have become a better cook.
  17. I have become a better photographer.
  18. I have become a better version of myself, because of this self expression.
  19. I treated this almost like a part time job, but something I got to do, not something I had to do. Attitude is everything.
In conclusion, I am loving this. It keeps me sane and my mind alert and in constant thought about what I am going to do next. Since I am always coming up with ideas anyways this is the best outlet for that. I hope that if you followed along and you also did the posting challenges that you 1. Had fun, and 2. Accomplished some of your own goals 3. And learned somethings about me and you along the way. Till the next post, I bid you happy blogging. ~Christina
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