Happy Valentines Day/Valentines Goody Bags for Kids Tutorial +Hubby Gift


Hi Everyone hope you have a great day today. Here’s The Valentines Treat Bags I made for my kids today. Took about an hour if that. Here are the supplies you need:


I shopped at Walmart’s Seasonal $1 scrapbooking section, its different in every Walmart you go to, but you need to find it, saves time and money.

I purchased: 4 stuffed animals $2.97 each, 4 bags $.25 cents each, Studio Cards $.97, Studio Cupid Stamper, $.97, Studio Glitter Glue $.97, Studio Ribbon $1.00, Studio Stamps and Stamper each $1.00, 2 Sheets Black Cardstock (already had), 3 Sharpies 1 Black, 1 Pink, 1 Red, 8 Mardi Gras Necklaces (Party Section) $1.00, Hershey’s Kisses $3.00, Marshmallow Hearts $2.00. Other Items you need are Scissors and Glue Stick. Oh and the items on the Right are for my hubbys gift.

SAM_0647 - Copy SAM_0648 SAM_0662 SAM_0668  SAM_0667 SAM_0656

So Lets get started.

1. I First laid out the ribbon over the 4 bags measuring the top and bottoms and cutting the ribbon according to width of bag. 

SAM_0684 SAM_0689

SAM_0691 SAM_0692

2. I then pasted the ribbon strips to the top and bottom edges of the bags.

SAM_0693 SAM_0696

SAM_0698 SAM_0700

3. Next, I used the Cupid Punch on Black Cardstock to punch out about 12 Cupids, they are so tiny and cute…

SAM_0705 SAM_0706


4. I then applied the mini cupids to the bags with a glue stick. I laid them on the glue stick then slid them off with my fingers to apply the glue to the underside. Then I sprinkled them all over the bags randomly.

SAM_0710 SAM_0709 SAM_0712 SAM_0713

5. I used the Valentines Stamps and stamped them in Black Ink onto the bags.

SAM_0714 SAM_0716 SAM_0717 SAM_0718


6. I attached the card with glue stick to the bag directly, wrote my sentiments on the front of the card and inside. I also put a tad of glue on the inside so that the card would stay shut.

SAM_0720 SAM_0721 SAM_0722 SAM_0724 SAM_0725

7. I then decorated all of the little black cupids wings with Glitter Glue.

SAM_0726 SAM_0727

8. I Filled the bags up with the Goodies I got them. 

SAM_0735  SAM_0736 SAM_0738 SAM_0743 SAM_0745 SAM_0740

So Here’s the finished Product.


I had fun with this and it was under $20 for 4 kids and they’ll appreciate that I took the time out to do it for them. I love my kids sooo much. Here’s what I got my hubby for Valentine’s Day, just gave it to him at lunch.


I gave him XOXOXO post-it notes so that he could write love notes back to me, see ladies a gift that keeps on giving. I reused the bag for the cards for the rest of his candy.

There is a card that I wrote this on the inside:


We’re going out for dinner and a movie this Friday night. We normally don’t go anywhere on Valentine’s Day because I loathe the crowds and waiting in line, so we either go the weekend before or after. Thanks for reading, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you ALL!!!

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