Bottomfeeder Snack Mix…Easy How To

Your probably wondering what Bottomfeeder Snack Mix is. Well it’s a term I’m using to describe the combined bottom of the bag snacks, I currently have in my pantry. I really get tired of the many wandering leftover snacks, so I decided to do something about it. Here is the before…. SAM_0820

Here is the After, it was an Ahhh Moment. I dumped every snack that was dwindled down to the bottom into a Gallon sized baggie. Now it not only looks fresh, but its something my kids like. So now instead of throwing out the bottom of the bag scraps, they now have purpose, to be EATEN. Hope I’ve inspired you to clean out your pantry and repurpose your wandering leftovers. ~ChristinaSAM_0823

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