Have Fun, Stress Less When Vacationing with the Kids ~Post 2 14 more tips


Picture of Greenville, South Carolina “The Reedy River”

Today I am adding more tips to the series see my previous post to catch up “Have Fun, Stress Less when Vacationing with the kids ~Post 1 Streamlining the preparation with 15 easy tips”

  1. If you have a DVD Player take along movies that interest various age groups & have a variety within children's reach.
  2. Carry some cash, but make sure to have a debit/credit card and checks if in case you forget your money or credit card. I did just recently when my daughter and I got out nails done on vacation. I almost panicked then asked if they accepted checks. Whoosh saved!! That’s what I get for paying my bills online earlier in the day (forgetting my card at home by computer).
  3. Plan on doing laundry 2 days before you leave and pick out fold and put into piles separated by child and adults. For example Shirts/Shorts/Socks/Underwear/1 pair of jeans/1 Hoody. Keep it simple and if staying 2 weeks, pack for 1 plus 2 days, on day 8 do laundry and you’ll be set.
  4. Pack toiletries, I use a backpack for this, for separate pockets, yet I still use Gallon and sandwich bags to separate everything. For example: Separate 1 toothbrush and toothpaste into one sandwich bag, do this for all kids and adults/write on them with a sharpie everyone’s names. Bundle Shampoo/Conditioner/Hairspray into a Gallon Baggie. I put full sized soaps into separate baggies, since we have a family of six, we put hotel soaps to shame. Razors/Shave Creams/Soaps bundled together Gallon Baggie. I put my moisturizer/body spray/deodorant into one separate Gallon Baggie. My husbands into another. I have used many different types of toiletry bags and stuff gets spilled all over, so this is what works then if you need something, take out a bag at a time. Easy!!
  5. I grab a variety of chips in a pack, usually Lay’s. I used to buy separate snacks for everyone, but the Lay’s variety bag has a cinch top and you can put some more snacks in it like granola bars and peanut butter crackers. My kids can get car sickness so we bring mini coke bottles and mini waters. I buy these the day before and stick them in the fridge so they are nice and cold when I arrange them in an insulated bag.
  6. Pack the car/van/suv/truck the night before and stick everything your kids need i.e.: pillow/blanket/stuffed animals/chargers etc. near their seats. Also make sure you have baby wipes in middle console, change for tolls, within reach (if needed), GPS system charging and ready to go.
  7. Pack a mini first aid kit and put it into glove box. Include in it band aids/Neosporin/pain medicine/alcohol swabs.
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. Are pets coming with? We brought our cat with us to South Carolina. I included cat litter in a plastic bin with lid for the drive. I brought food/water/mini bowls/leash/cat carrier/kitty blanket/litter pan and toys.
  10. Recycle your plastic bags. Use them for trash/kitty litter cleanups/change of clothes for kids/wet clothes/laundry.
  11. When I pack the suitcases and we are staying over night 1 night and breaking up the drive. I pack individual bags with 1 outfit/socks/underwear/swimsuit for pool/pj’s for each person and stick them all in a tote bag, instead of unloading whole van. And bringing everything in. One bag, easy!!
  12. Do you have your hotel confirmation numbers written down or a printout of it? Bring drivers license, license plate number, phone numbers of hotel and emergency numbers/ health insurance cards ( my son got strep the second week we were in South Carolina) keep them handy for anything you anticipate on the trip.
  13. Bring a folder of bills that may be due when your gone and hopefully you booked a hotel that has free wifi or use your smart phone to pay them. Or go to the lobby and use the free computer.
  14. Bring crayons/tablets for drawing/mini games/markers/crayon books/chargers/DS’s/PSP’s/video games etc. for keeping the kids occupied.

To be continued… there are more tips to come about the drive and when your actually there at your destination.

It’s Labor Day weekend and I may not get anymore tips up until the long weekend is over. Hope you have a Great Labor Day ~Christina

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