Mini Makeup Looks~Drama, The Movies, & Katy Perry Inspired

Since I am a Cosmetologist (a frugal one) I always have my eye on the lookout for new Hair and Makeup Products at great prices. Typically I bargain shop at Rite-Aid, CVS, and Walmart and their prices seem to be comparable to each other. With that being said, I will be doing more Mini Makeup Looks for my posts and including the prices of the products I buy AND start showcasing them here on Creative Tizzy.

 Now onto the fun stuff, here are the looks I have put together, they are budget friendly, fun, and are ideas in addition to your everyday makeup routine. I’ve included a couple of pics with closeups of some of the pretties.

Drama PinkMini Makeup Look-Drama Pink with closeup official

Movie Date NightMini Makeup Look-Movie Date Night Candy Coated/ Katy Perry InspiredMIni Makeup Look-Candy Coated Katy Perry Inspired

I had alot of fun with this post, can’t wait to do more,

Enjoy ~Christina

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