Pinterest (Rules of Engagement) Poster

Hey everyone, thought that I’d make a little post about one of my favorite topics “Pinterest” if you can’t tell already! I am always over there pinning to my hearts content and felt compelled to get my Photoshop Elements out and make a Pinterest (Rules of Engagement) Poster. You’ll see it below. First of all, I wanted to add that I have been pinning for over a year I believe it’s’ been. In that time I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of Pinterest. Second, unfortunately there are some pet peeves I have, but also alot of positive things I enjoy about Pinterest. Rather than tell you about it I’ll show you, then (of course) I’ll “Pin It” then you can too. Please leave a comment, follow me on twitter and I’m now on Google +, click on the sidebar and join me over there!

Pinterest Rules of Engagement

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Quote of the Day:

Everybody is creative, and everybody is talented. I just don’t think everybody is disciplined.

Al Hirschfeld

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