Day 4 CHALLENGE Your Own Dream Journal

Being a severely creative person, I have many ideas/goals/dreams/aspirations floating around in my head, which can become mental clutter. But when I write them down I feel as if a weight is off my mind. So I need not only a creative outlet, but a place to put the many blurbs I think of. If I could I would put them all into a blog, but some things are just for me. I tend to have such random ideas and they may come in the form of a dream I've had or an inspiration from looking at something or someone and on and on. I am a mom first and foremost and sometimes that leaves me little time for me to just space out and gather my thoughts so my dream journal helps me. Usually late at night, right before bed I'll jot down whatever is going on in my mind. I bought my journal at Walmart for around $10 they have pretty ones also at Borders and at Barnes and Noble (two of my favorite stores, I love books).

I wanted to write down positive thoughts about myself, what I like, Positive Affirmations, believing in myself, what I want to do with my life and what the core of me really is. Sort of an exploration to figure out "me". I have found that through the process of dream journaling what defines me is "creativity", and everyday I practice it, whether in thought or in daily things I do around my home, with my family and around my community. Forget about the box, I am an out of the window thinker. And whoever said that quote Jack of all trades master of none was not creative in the least. I believe if you want to do many different things than there is a way, no limits. My blog is an extention of that. I want to encourage all of you, to spend some money on a journal, spend some quiet time in thought, and spend some writing time figuring out what defines you. It may just be that you will learn a few things about yourself in the process and get excited about what lies ahead in something fun that is just yours. Write down anything that
comes to mind, hey even doodle on the pages or draw pictures of your ideas, quotes are also fun
and so on. It can be so freeing to read what you've written. i dare ya!! Have Fun.
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