Day 5 CHALLENGE One of My Inspirational Resources

Another magazine that I love. Although these are copies from 2009-2010 I reference them often and especially now, since I've been blogging up a storm. This magazine gives much insight on creative bloggers and how they started, they discuss the ins and outs of daily blogging. I love that I can read about the magic, persay, of how alot of bloggers once started out very humbly and have been blessed with great opportunities. Since starting, many have developed great communities. Their blog may have helped them through a crisis and some fell upon a business just naturally. There are beautiful photos shown and they even show a blog entry for most of them. I usually buy my copy (need to get the latest) at Joann's. They may sell it at Michaels's, A.C. Moore's or Hobby Lobby. It is so worth the investment. Go take a look.

I have one of my very first followers joining in the "Monthly CHALLENGE". I look forward to hearing everyone's success in posting to their blog once a day for a month. Go take a look at her blog, she is published in Studios magazine. Thanks for visiting Amy and the rest of my followers. ; )

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