Day 7 CHALLENGE One week down and I am thankful!

Hey Everybody!! Christina here,
As you know I have been posting everyday and today marks officially one week since I started my CHALLENGE. The CHALLENGE is to post everyday for one month, to see what happens. I also CHALLENGE YOU as well. And so far it has enriched my life greatly. I have met so many wonderful people on here and in blogfrog world that I am in awe. I am so appreciative of everyone who has come and read my blog, especially my Avid Followers. You can find them on my Home page under Following me?. I would love for you to visit their blogs too, just click on the tiny pics of them, as I believe in paying it forward. I am having so much fun posting. It is a great outlet for sharing my creative side! I also have a BlogFrog Community which is on the side bar as you scroll down my blogs home page. If you have your own blog and haven't joined blogfrog yet, I urge you to. It is a positive atmosphere for bloggers to interact and get to know one another. Here is My BlogFrog Community, if you would like to join you have to first join blog frog here Take a look and send some comments my way and don't forget to pay it forward yourself. Thanks!!

I am working on some new content for the upcoming weeks and can't wait to dig in. Be on the lookout for my next posts, I have a special one for my daughters birthday, so take care and I'll see you in my community!!
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