Day 24 CHALLENGE Ebates and my new Droid X Smartphone

Hope everyone is doing well. I know I am!! Today was a great day I received my Package at my doorstep, yeah, and have been playing with the contents since 2:00 p.m. today.
SAM_0336 SAM_0338 Sneakin’ a peek
Droid X (My phone) & Droid 2 Global (my teenagers phone)
I had been a Verizon Wireless customer for 2 years now, and although I love their service I was not using it like I should’ve been. Now I have an upgraded phone that will give me my monies worth. So I extended my contract and got the phone for free. Yes, free!! Here’s what I did. I signed up with Ebates because there was a promotion that came up on my blog frog community about Ebates, so I clicked it and Registered. I was in the market for a new phone anyways and my new for 2 eligiblity was up on the 17th, so my son and I were eyeballing the new Droids out there. I had originally wanted an iphone, since I already have an ipod touch, but I got a deal in my email for the Thunderbolt and the Droid X you could get them if you are a current Verizon subscriber or a new customer. So I clicked and it brought me to the deal and then to wirefly, but still under ebates. Here’s what I got all together. $5 for new account, 12.50 per phone (2) rebates= $25    $30 total. I have $30 in my ebates account. Isn’t that cool. This is one case where it does certainly pay to shop. Here’s what I paid $0 for Droid X $6.99 for insurance, $49.99 for Droid 2 Global and $6.99 for insurance. The insurance is a monthly cost and is billed as a separate charge on my wireless bill. I then kept on top of wirefly to make sure of when they were sending my phones, I am obsessive about buying online and when I will get my products. Now onto the goodies, here’s what came in the phone box~
SAM_0345 SAM_0353 SAM_0358
The Phone, USB cable, this breaks away into a charging plug for wall and disconnect to plug into the computer. The battery, the back of the phone. I didn’t get any accessories but I did get insurance, just in case. Here’s what it looks like turned on~
SAM_0368 SAM_0372
I just want to encourage you, if you are in the market for a new phone and your eligible to get a new phone, then click on my Ebates link and check out their deals, this was way better than what Verizon had going. I had shopped around too, at Walmart and various online stores and this was the best deal since I got cash back. So I paid $71.00 with everything plus shipping, but if you subtract the $30 in my Ebates account I only paid $41 for 2 new smartphones!! Happy Shopping, ; )
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