Day 25 CHALLENGE 10 Tips when going to the Movies. Especially when you have Kids

Going to the movies? Well you'll need these tips..Okay so my hubby, kids and I are professed movie buffs. We love at home DVD movies, Online movies and Theater movies. We go to kids movies, action movies and funny movies. My kids and I especially like 3D movies.

10 Movie Tips~
  1. Look through your Entertainment book for deals on movie tickets or freebies they usually have. Or if you can find any other coupons then use 'em. Entertainment can be found at your local Walgreens and they are $20 or you can pay for them online and get a discount I believe.
  2. Use plug in your zip code then it takes you to whatever cinemas are in your area. I have paid ahead of time before online if its a movie like the last Twilight movie I saw, to reserve my spots. They charge you for it though, so I only recommend that if it’s a premiere. If you are trying to save, like me then don’t order online. More for me to buy Charming Charlie stuff.
  3. Check out your time, lately I have been going on~off times, like 3:00 pm, on weekends near me the cost is $6.50-$6.75 on Saturdays or $5.00 per person on a Sunday, that is at a Carmike theater. They also have free movies for kids during the summer and they did have recession Tuesdays (not sure if they still do), where their food and drinks were dirt cheap. Call ahead to find out deals in your area. Saves time and money.
  4. A note on timing, I leave 40 minutes before my movies start time, leaving me 5 minutes driving time, 7 minutes for Walgreens trip for candy (explain that one later), 5 minutes to get tickets and 5 more minutes for food/drinks, then I am able to get a good seat wherever I want and get situated.
  5. Make sure the kids hit the bathroom before you go then you don’t have to take a potty break when your in the theater when there’s a good part on. Doesn’t it always figure too?!
  6. Find a parking spot near one of the exit doors on either side of the building and then you can hit the bathrooms on the way out and then exit and your parked right outside, bypassing the next crowd of people walking in.
  7. When you get there, make an initial purchase of $15.00 for a bucket of popcorn and when you bring it back the next time the refill is $2.50. This is at Carmike, not sure what deals are at your local theater, but I would call them up to ask, or fish around online. I saw alot of movies last year and spent $2.50 each time for a big bucket o' popcorn, lifesaver.
  8. Okay some will bawlk at this, but I do it and will continue too. I hit up the local Walgreens and I get my $1.00 Goobers/Whoppers/Junior Mints/ and Snowcaps. You could go to Walmart too, they have the same candy. Sorry folks I am a smuggler, I really refuse to pay, especially since I had had a conversation with one of the ushers at the food stand asking him why the outrageous prices and he literally told me, we don't make anything on the actual movies that's why we charge so much for sodas and snacks. That's dishonest in and of itself...I could get 4~2 Liters of coke for the price they charge for a large soda with ice. So I refuse, yes I have smuggled in sodas before. I am not dishonest just cheap!! lol. They can charge an arm and a leg, so I get rebellious, shhhh, don't tell...
  9. When you enter the theater and if you’re like me and don’t want anyone sitting right in back of you, (let’s face it sometimes you pick seats and it’s pretty empty and you sit down only to have another family sit down right behind you (could they possibly pick another spot, so that I don’t have to overhear their whole conversation, you know the type, hehe)), then sit in the first section all the way down but the absolute last row that separates the upper section. Your near the exit, for potty breaks and no one will be directly behind you. I always pick the middle for optimal viewing.
  10. Make sure you turn off you phone, or put it on vibrate, sit down, add the junior mints to your popcorn and have a great time watching your movie. Oh and don’t forget your big handful of napkins. Have fun.
5 stars and 2 thumbs up!!
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