Day 26 CHALLENGE Homemade Chocolate Frosting & Have a Happy Easter!!!

Today was a bit crazy, not only is it the day before Easter (wink, wink for you parents), but for our family today is my husbands 39th birthday. I was running around so much and cooking and baking that it felt like Christmas time with everything going on. Well since I had forgotten to grab some frosting at the store when I bought his box cake, I wondered, hmmm could I make my own frosting, turns out on the back of a Hershey’s cocoa container (an absolute staple in my home and should be in yours too) they have a recipe for Perfect Frosting. I needed butter so went to get some, hence part of the running around today. I never knew I could make my own. I have made glazes in the past but was under the impression that bakers knew some deep dark secret not privy to the rest of us on how to make decadent chocolate frosting. WELL MY DEARS I HAVE MADE IT and is it YUMMY!!!! Let’s just say there was no talking when the cake was eaten tonight. ; )
Here’s what you’ll need for your frosting~
Here’s the directions~
It was so easy to make, it was a piece of cake, punny I know! Here’s the end result, talk about licking the spoon, licking your fingers, I think I got it on stuff just TOO lick it off it was so darn good. I will never buy the cartons of frosting ever again. Everyone agreed, it was just the right sweetness, ever so chocolatey and Mmm gooood!! Enjoy~
Oh and by the way Have a Happy Easter!!!
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