No waste proper Avocado picking, peeling, and storage tips and tricks

This is a quick follow-up to my Lemony Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwich post where I used Avocado. Well I happen to think that I am a Master at Avocado picking and peeling with no waste.

Here is what I do: First, I test for how firm an Avocado is, depending on when I am going to use them, or if I am going to wait to use them. If I use them right away I make sure they have a little give, sort of semi-firm, the next day they should be perfect to use.  The color should be dark green almost black. If they are all the way black then they are too mushy and will be bruised and almost rotten inside. If I am going to wait a couple of days I buy the green ones and ripen them at home. I’m impatient so that is very rare for me unless I have no choice.

Tip: Be weary of the little sticker that says, RIPE, because that usually means they are not for you to eat, they are past their prime.

I then score with a sharp knife around the middle while turning the avocado. SAM_0844

Next I twist the Avocado to get two separate halves.SAM_0845

Shown here with nut attached. SAM_0847

So really, how do you properly get the nut out with the most meat left.  Pop knife into the nut while on counter, then hold half and twist it out and it should release. Now the Avocado I had was a bit too soft for doing this so it did get a little messy, but if it was a tad bit firmer it would have released with practically nothing attached to it. Easy!!SAM_0849

Score the half Avocado several times you can even do cross cuts too, but I have found slicing is easiest to remove and cut it in half shown here: why do I cut it in half again, well it makes it so easy to peel the skin right off. I don’t show the peeling part but if you have a perfectly ripe Avocado then the skin should peel off with no meat left in it. Like turning a page to a book, or peeling a banana. Be gentle and you’ll get everything out, no need to use a spoon. Guaranteed!!SAM_0851

Here’s the best part, if your not using the other half and want to use it the next day (recommended) then add lemon juice to it to stop it from browning and adds a little flavor too. SAM_0854

Stick in a plastic baggie and get as much air out as possible, helps with no oxygen getting to it either.  SAM_0855

Turn upside down, well why you ask, well I’ll tell ya: this keeps it from getting any air to the meat. Then store in the fridge upside down till the next day, and you will find there is really no oxidation. So try it, hope this helped you out. ~Christina SAM_0856

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