What’s in my Purse Tour, Organizing My Chaos & 22 Purse Must Have’s

So I got my new purses and can only use one at a time, oh darn. So here’s the one I chose. The black one for now and I’ll change it up, when the mood strikes. I don’t know about you but, I cannot have too deep of a purse, in fact I prefer a more shallow purse that is wide so that when I go to dig for something it doesn’t take long to find my items. I have to have an organizer in my purse too it keeps everything in it’s place Now I just need to get an apparatus to hold all of my fly away receipts and a trash can installed and I’ll be set. hehe. See how beautiful it looks all nice and neat. Trust me it’ll start filling up with receipts soon don’t worry, so I have to clean it out at least once a week. SAM_0918

Here’s a list of my “Must Have’s” for a purse that survives a chaotic household.

  1. A cell phone pocket.
  2. Sunglass holder pocket.
  3. A Kangaroo pouch, a big purse organizer turned inside out and a small one put inside it. Easy to see into and keeps chaos organized. Or a purse organizer of some sort.
  4. Pens for when you need to write notes. 
  5. Markers and Note Pad (I always seem to run out of these, need a stockpile for sure), for those creatively sparked ideas when your out and about.  For me it’s usually for the home or my blog.
  6. Lipstick, organized upside down so I can see what color I am hurriedly reaching for, gotta have this handy.
  7. A card holder, just for health insurance cards, kids pictures, social security cards, and store cards. Will be doing a tutorial on what I did to put all of my large store cards together, even though I have the key fob ones attached to keys, at a later date.
  8. I have a sample sized deodorant on the left side pocket and usually my body spray is in there somewhere, need to go get some more. Love Vampire, I get this at Rite aid. I get so many compliments on it, people follow me around.
  9. Girly items inside discreet pocket.
  10. Kabuki brush (not shown) for touch ups.
  11. Hand Sanitizer
  12. Change (especially quarters) for when your kids bug you to do the claw.
  13. Band-Aids and Neosporin for the boo-boos.
  14. Chargers when on the go.
  15. Small pouch of wipes or napkins for messes. Also keep wipes in my car too.
  16. Small trial sized hairspray.
  17. When I am at a family function for a couple of hours I take a mini makeup kit, for touchups, cause we get to laughing and there I go touching my face again.
  18. Small snacks for car drives.
  19. Stamps
  20. A couple of plastic sandwich bags for trash, more organizing etc.
  21. I stick my keys right on top or stuff them in next to my check book.
  22. A Checkbook Cover and Checkbook SAM_0923I really don’t ever use my zipper because it is so impractical with 4 kids that I have no time for fussing at the store counters. So it stays unzipped but I always carry it on my forearm for safety. You’ll notice in the next picture that my cell phone looks damaged and melted, well I left it in my car in 100 degree heat, which I don’t recommend, still works though.SAM_0920Now go organize that purse of yours. Just dump it like I do and start all over. Sometimes my daughter even reorganizes for me. Any questions, contact me on the side bar or Please leave a comment. Thanks for reading, Christina
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